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New Ruler Pattern !!!!

Dancing Diamonds & Pinwheel Quilt Pattern

Dancing Diamonds & Pinwheel Quilt Pattern

Here is my newest pattern.  It is an add on pattern for the Square in Square Snowball ruler. They are fast to make.  These 2 techniques and settings are really easy and fun.  Special SALE price of $6.99….Click for Dancing Diamonds & Pinwheel Quilt Pattern

More photos to come….

Happy Quilting, Jen

New Updated Website


After many months my new website is up and running. It is really nice and easy to navigate.  It has so much more functionality than my old one.  I really love it. I hope you will check it out., I also have a new group page of Facebook, Twinkle Star Floating Star Ruler Group, I hope everyone who makes a quilt from one of my rulers will post it for Show and Tell here. You can also check out all of links to our social media sites.  Slowly but surely we are moving into the 21st century. 🙂



ROW by ROW while traveling the West


Who is doing Row By Rows?  I was out in Colorado and New Mexico and while we were traveling I picked up kits and the license plates from the local shops.

Row by Row

It was great to see the different shops and talk to the people. The kits are all different and I am having fun working on them now that I am home. You have about another month to collect your patterns.  The pattern is Free for just asking.  The kits you have to pay for.  If you are not traveling collect the ones from the shops near you.  Lots of fun….

Enjoy the rest pf August…Jennifer

VT Quilt Festival

VT Quilt Festival was very nice this year. The weather cooperated and it was not crazy hot and we did some fun demos in the Stencil and Stitch booth.  We demonstrated my rulers, Twinkle Star Floating Star, Square in Square Snowball.

Jen Obrien ruler quilts

We also did some fun Stenciling on Fabric with Jenny May Design Stencils and Paints.


I will put up some of the quilts on display over the next few days…

This is a fun show with lots of classes.  If you did not get to the show this year maybe you can put it on your schedule for next June.  It is worth the trip. I hope to be teaching there in 2017.

Best wishes and enjoy the summer, Jennifer



Sneak Peak – New Ruler

Here is my New Ruler coming out at Fall Market 2013, Oct 26 – 28, 2013.  It is with Simplicity Creative Group.  It makes 2 styles of stars in 2 sizes – a EZ Twinkle Star where the points touch and a EZ Floating Star where the stars float on the background and points do not touch.  I just love this ruler.  I can get all the blocks sewn and cut in an evening and then sew to top all together in a few hours.  I have used lots of different color combinations, batiks, large prints, solids, hand dyes, Christmas patterns. They all work. 

EZ Twinkle Star / EZ Floating Star LARGE

EZ Twinkle Star / EZ Floating Star 8.5 inches square LARGE

EZ Twinkler Star / EZ Floating Star SMALL

EZ Twinkler Star / EZ Floating Star 5.5 inches square SMALL

Here are what the rulers look like.  You use strips so these are great with the Jelly Rolls or the Batik strip that are all pre-cut for you.  With the star you can use the 5 inch charm squares. Here is how that works. Really easy and fast.

Cut charm squares in half. Sew one to each side of center 5 inch square, use ruler to cut final block.

Cut charm squares in half. Sew one to each side of center 5 inch square, use ruler to cut final block.

Here are the instructions for both blocks when cutting strips from yardage –



EZ Twinkle and Floating Star instrucions

EZ Twinkle and Floating Star instructions

Look at all the quilts I have been working on with more to come.

Group of EZ Star Quilts

Group of EZ Star Quilts

If you want to give this a tray the the blocks are on my website – special price for the set for the Large star 8 1/2 inch and the Small star 5 1/2 inch.

 Hope you have fun with this technique……..


Tour of the MET Museum of Art NYC


I am a member of SAQA and won a gift for recruiting some new members.  I picked the behind the scenes of the MET Museum of Art donated and guided by Robin Schwalb.  Robin is involved in all and any media presentations used in any of the exhibits at the MET.  It was amazing to see everything that you take for granted and all the work behind it.

Here are some photos –

Robin showing us the setting up of the new Civil War Exhibit with all the steps involved from the floor plan to the actual displays all made on site in the workshops behind the public spaces.

Robin's Art Quilt are part of this exhibit..great stuff

Here is a link to a video Robin did on Quilting grid and working within a grid for design ideas.


I love the sign...found only in a very large museum

Here we are hanging out in the halls!

We all had a wonderful day.  There are some really great exhibits now and some new openings this month.  Visit and see all the video and audio Robin has worked on.  Really fun.  Here’s the website –





SAQA CT Color Quilt show

My quilt made it into this show.  Opening in Danbury May 4th, 2013 thru June 13.  Here are the details of the show and opening day.  Check out my quilt – Backyard Color   


Local Color Opens Saturday May 4, 2013 at Western CT State University

Our very own traveling exhibition, Local Color, premieres Saturday May 4, 2013 at the Ruth Haas Library at Western Connecticut State University in Danbury, CT.

The show includes 49 works of fiber art by members of SAQA-CT, celebrating the beauty and diversity of Connecticut. It will be on display at WCSU until June 13, 2013, with additional locations to follow.


Backyard Color by Jennifer O’Brien
CLose up – Backyard Color by Jennifer O’Brien

Here’s the facebook page link for more info. 

You can also go to the “Northern Star Quilt Show” in Somers, NY May 4 and 5.  Here is a link to their website –
Hope you can make it to see both shows.
Hope springs come soon.  It is snowing (a little) today.


Show Off…Not Interested

Show Off.....Not interested....

Hi Everyone,

This is my donation quilt for SAQA, .  They chose it to be one of the quilts going to Quilt Festival in Houston Texas this November. Visit for more info.  SAQA will have a selection of the donation quilts that will be auctioned during the show.  If your going to the show stop by the SAQA booth and take a look. Maybe bid on one or two.  There are some really nice work.

Happy travels, Jennifer

Quilt shop stop Chelmsford, MA

Hi Everyone,

On the way to Maine last weekend we stopped at a really cute shop called Candlelite Quilts in Chelmsford, Mass.  They had lots going on as always.  You can tell this was not my first time stopping in.  In fact I make a custom template set for a fun pattern.

Here are some photos.  You can do a table runner or and over all quilt design.

Candlelite Quilt Shop Cottage

This is the quilt shop.  Isnt it cute.  Right in the middle of town.  It looks small but there is lots inside.

Table runner

Here is the table runner.  Great scrappy project with templates for hand or maching piecing.

Herbal Tea Houses

This Herbal Tea House pattern is really fun and includes all details to make it easy to follow.

Quilt on display

Here is the quilt on display.

Visit Candlelite Quilts when you are in the area.  Here is the website and there is a great resturant across the street called FISHBONES.  Plan to stay for lunch.  You will love it.

Happy road shipping…Jennifer

Getting started with color


I am finally getting started on my next project.  It is a wall hanging that is 5 feet wide and 3.5 feet high.  It is going to be a sunset in greens and green blues with a little red orange.  It is for a bedroom in a lake house in New York state. I started with the paint chips that they used to paint the room and then I expaned to the other colors I had in mind.  Here are the photos –


Project color range

Here is the final range of color…..

Fabric range

Now I am thinking about how to piece the background.  I have looked at a bargello style, triangles, rectangles, diamnonds.  I hope I decide soon.  I think the planning takes more time than the making.

Have a great July….Jennifer