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Costa Rica Quilting

We spent 10 days in Costa Rica on a lovely tour that took us all over the country.  It was amazing.  Mark and I arrived one day before the tour began so I had to find a room for the night.  So what did I do.  I Searched the web and found a Quilting Retreat.  I sent an email to see if maybe they could show us their pogram and house us for one night and lucky us they were more than happy to meet us at the airport, give us breakfast and dinner and a room for the night and return us to the airport the next day to meet our tour.  I also got to meet a group of local lady’s who took classes at a small shop on the property.

Rita Ulloa is you host at  http://www.costaricaquilts.com/index.html.  She doea a wonderful job of introducing you to her adopted country.

Here are some lovely photos from her beautiful location.

Above is the main House where the retreat classes and meal are held.

 This is the cottage we stayed in.

 Mark (my husband) and Rita enjoying a sunny morning breakfast of fresh fruit and eggs. 

  This is the shop and the quilt design that reflects Costra Rica.  It is the quilt made in the retreat.  It is a really great memory to bring home.  There are many ways to set the block so you can make the quilt to your individual taste. 

 This is the front yard with fruit trees, mago, bananas, lime, and beautiful flowers.

 This is the view from the pool and patio.  My favorite place.

This was the beginning of our trip.  I will add more shortly showing all the great hikes, animals and flowers we saw.  The flora and fauna was so different.  Maybe I will take a group next year if I can find some interested quilters.

Happy Travels, Jennifer  

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