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New Theorem Stencils


Earlier this month we did a stencil gathering and everyone enjoyed stenciling on fabric, paper, plastic, and wood.  My friend Sam Morrissey, Electric Quilt Instuctor and Quilter http://samorrissey.weebly.com/mountain-laurel-art-group-projects.html, took some photos of finished designs from my new line of Theorem Stencils for Jenny May Designs.  They are not up on the website yet www.sew-craft.com but they will be soon.  They are in stock so you can contact me if you want them ASAP.  

Daffodil Theorem Stencil by Jenny May Designs

 The next photo shows our work table at the Mt Laural Decorative Painters Gathering.  

Daffodil and Morning Glory Stencils

Enjoy quilting and painting, Jennifer

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