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Quilt shop stop Chelmsford, MA

Hi Everyone,

On the way to Maine last weekend we stopped at a really cute shop called Candlelite Quilts in Chelmsford, Mass.  They had lots going on as always.  You can tell this was not my first time stopping in.  In fact I make a custom template set for a fun pattern.

Here are some photos.  You can do a table runner or and over all quilt design.

Candlelite Quilt Shop Cottage

This is the quilt shop.  Isnt it cute.  Right in the middle of town.  It looks small but there is lots inside.

Table runner

Here is the table runner.  Great scrappy project with templates for hand or maching piecing.

Herbal Tea Houses

This Herbal Tea House pattern is really fun and includes all details to make it easy to follow.

Quilt on display

Here is the quilt on display.

Visit Candlelite Quilts when you are in the area.  Here is the website http://www.candlelitequilts.com/ and there is a great resturant across the street called FISHBONES.  Plan to stay for lunch.  You will love it.

Happy road shipping…Jennifer

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