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Tour of the MET Museum of Art NYC


I am a member of SAQA and won a gift for recruiting some new members.  I picked the behind the scenes of the MET Museum of Art donated and guided by Robin Schwalb.  Robin is involved in all and any media presentations used in any of the exhibits at the MET.  It was amazing to see everything that you take for granted and all the work behind it.

Here are some photos –

Robin showing us the setting up of the new Civil War Exhibit with all the steps involved from the floor plan to the actual displays all made on site in the workshops behind the public spaces.

Robin's Art Quilt are part of this exhibit..great stuff

Here is a link to a video Robin did on Quilting grid and working within a grid for design ideas. http://www.metmuseum.org/connections/grids


I love the sign...found only in a very large museum

Here we are hanging out in the halls!

We all had a wonderful day.  There are some really great exhibits now and some new openings this month.  Visit and see all the video and audio Robin has worked on.  Really fun.  Here’s the website – http://www.metmuseum.org/





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